News and History

Jan 21, 2005 GCX 0.8.5 released /gcx
Jan 17, 2005 GCX 0.8.4 released /gcx
Nov 11, 2004 Data on new variable in Her to appear in PASP, dec 2004. astro-ph
Nov 10, 2004 New, much improved, manual for GCX /gcx/html
Oct 24, 2004 Observations of 23-24 oct. added. /obs/3304
Sep 14, 2004 Observations of 12-13 sept. added. /obs/3262
Aug 30, 2004 Project for a network of school observatories launched (in romanian). ROAS
Aug 30, 2004 Main page translated into romanian. /index-ro.html
Aug 26, 2004 New version (0.5.9) of gcx. /gcx
Aug 22, 2004 New version of avsomat, 3240, with internal links labeled with star magnitudes and links to aavso lightcurves adjusted to the new aavso format. /stars
Aug 22, 2004 About 1000 virtual star observations from the nights of 18-19 and 19-20 august added. /obs
Aug 15, 2004 Picture of a perseid meteor /events/perseid-1.jpg
Aug 7, 2004 A filter wheel and support software for it in gcx /fwheel
Jul 4, 2004 Installed observation bulletins for JD 245-3189 (jul 2-3, 2004). /obs/3189
Jun 25, 2004 Images of the transit of venus. /event/vt2004.html
Mar 27, 2004 The first version of the Involuntary Amateur Sky Survey, an online database where you can find out if we have images of a given point on the sky or images on which a moving object may have been caught. /diaskys.html
Mar 8, 2004 Installed observation bulletins for JD 245-3072 (mar 7-8, 2004). /obs/3072
Mar 8, 2004 AVSOMAT V3072 released. It builds the navigation-enhanced web-based results. /avsomat
Mar 7, 2004 Installed observation bulletins for JD 245-3065 (feb 29-mar 1, 2004). /obs/3065
Mar 1, 2004 AVSOMAT V3064 released. It builds the navigation-enhanced web-based results. /avsomat
Feb 26, 2004 GCX V0.5.3 released. See changelog. /gcx/Changelog
Feb 22, 2004 Installed observation bulletins for JD 245-3057, representing 670 frames (335 observations) the largest number in a single night so far. /obs/3057
Feb 18, 2004 Improved navigation between individual observations and the directory of variable star; links to aavso light curves, forms for entering comments and suggestions about any variable star or observation. /obs, /stars
Feb 15, 2004 AVSOMAT V3051 which builds the star-specific pages. /avsomat, /stars
Feb 11, 2004Installed observation bulletins for JD 245-3045/obs/3045
Feb 9, 2004Installed observation bulletins for JD 245-3042/obs/3042
Feb 7, 2004Started collection of star-specific pages with links to our observations /stars
Feb 5, 2004 GCX V0.5.1 released. Support for Losmandy G11 mounts, flipped fields, improved matching of plate stars with catalog stars. /gcx
Jan 26, 2004Installed observation bulletins for JD 245-3022/obs/3022
Jan 31, 2004 AVSOMAT V3036 (versions now named by the last 4 digits of the julian date of release) with a simple observation scheduler named GCXCHED (building GCX scripts with optimisation of the telescope movements) /avsomat, /gcx
Jan 18, 2004 GCX V0.4.6 released, bugfix version. /gcx
Jan 11, 2004 GCX V0.4.5 released, with direct Tycho-2 support and many new command line options. /gcx
Jan 10, 2004 Started collection of individual observation bulletins, together with new release (V1.2) of AVSOMAT that generates such bulletins. Released AVSWORK, a component of AVSOMAT written in CommonLisp for managing a heterogenous collection of information about stars and observations. /obs, /avsomat
Jan 1, 2004 AVSOMAT V1.1, suport for multiple sets of V-band references in electronic charts; electronic charts with GSC-2 data (downto mag 19) and automatically integrated Tycho-2 data /avsomat
Dec 22, 2003 GCX V0.4.3 released, with recipe (electronic chart) support. /gcx
Dec 22, 2003 First production version (1.0) of AVSOMAT, some 200 hand-made electronic charts (recipes) based on AAVSO charts, GCVS and GSC-1.1 /avsomat
Dec 10, 2003 GCX V0.4.2 released, with scripting support (list of commands to automatically point the telescope to, recognise, photograph and store star fields) and user manual /gcx
May 25, 2003 First public release of GCX, a program to control a telescope (such as Meade LX-200) and CCD camera, and to check and correct the telescope position by identifying the stars in the field (using the GSC-1). /gcx
May 20, 2003 First public release of AVSOMAT, as a small command-line utility to match images with star catalogs, identify and measure the variable star and produce the AAVSO observation report /avsomat