Involuntary Amateur Sky Survey

This is a web interface to a database with most of our CCD-images, taken between april 2003 and today.

We took these images for certain purposes, primarily to measure variable stars, but it might happen that one of these images catches a place on the sky that is of interest to you (such as the position of a potentially variable star or a passing asteroid). The `Involuntary Amateur Sky Survey' is a system with which you can query such databases. Currently, two kinds of queries are supported:

Find all images which contain a given position on the sky. Enter the position as right-ascension (range 0.0..360.0) and declination (range -90.0..90.0).
RA (deg)DEC (deg)

Find all images on which an object moving from the first point at the first instant in time to the second point at the second instant in time should be seen. Entere RA/DEC as above and the instant as julian date.
RA (deg)DEC (deg)Julian date
First point
Last point

Although we have almost 5000 images in the database, they only cover a small surface of the sky (perhaps under 1% of the northern sky). A position which gives some results is, for example: RA=73.5, DEC=41.8.

If you find images of interest, write to us (see email address here) and we'll send them to you.

The source code of this software is part of AVSOMAT. To install a similar database on your site you only need to compile and install the respective components.

A future version of the Involuntary Amateur Sky Survey will make it possible to query all online image databases at once, from any of the participating sites.