Automated Variable Star Observing
AVSOMAT is designed to increase the productivity of obtaining, reducing and reporting large numbers of CCD images of variable stars. It consists of a binary tool for reducing images and a collection of CommonLisp functions for dealing with collections of images, information about stars, former observations, etc.

Avsomat is used for:

  • planning observation sessions and generating gcx scripts; these are fed into gcx during observing runs and drive the pointing of the telescope to stars of interest and the exposure and storage of CCD images;
  • reducing collections of images automatically, that is extracting the magnitude of stars in the image;
  • producing aavso observation reports;
  • maintaining a set of interlinked html pages with the observation results; these pages also contain links to aavso light curves for easy verification, and feedback forms;
  • producing electronic starfield charts for automatic reduction;
  • searching through collections of images by position.

Selected features of avsomat are sometimes migrated or reimplemented in gcx which also features an interactive gnome interface.

[hosted on Linux] [made in CommonLisp, C and Ada95] [Copyright © 2004 A.D.Corlan]