Pictures of Astronomical Events

Perseid 2004
A lone perseid in Perseus. A 2min exposure with the cpx3m camera and a 28mm f1.8 Sigma lens (heavily fogged at the time the image was taken)

Venus Transit of June 2004

Total eclipse of the Moon, nov 2003

We had very intense solar activity in the last days of october 2003; Huge sunspot groups were visible, like in this image taken with a Canon G3 camera handheld at one eyepiece of a pair of Takahashi 22x60 binoculars. Solar filter was home-made using Baader visual foil. Time of picture: October 26, 2003 / 13:00UT.

Eclipsed Sunrise - Partial Sun
eclipse of May31, 2003

Moon occults Saturn on Nov 3, 2001

Total eclipse of the Moon, jan 2001