Total Eclipse of the Moon

November 9-th, 2003

November 8-9 was one of the few clear nights of the month; not too cold, but quite humid.

The eclipse was quite bright; I'd rate it as a Danjon 4. Being close to the umbra's edge made the brightness very uneven across the disk, even at maximum eclipse. Visually, it was quite spectacular; the reddish coloration of the moon was clearly visible even at 1/3 eclipse.

The picture below is a 10 seconds exposure at f/10, 1250mm focal length on 200 ISO film (Kodak gold).

Maximum eclipse

The field of the moon (6 sec / f/8 exposure at iso 200 with a Canon G3). Image is at full resolution, but cropped. Longer exposures showed more stars, of course, but overexposed the moon even more. This image is rotated 45 degrees from north-up.

field of the moon