Downloads for later versions of gcx can be found on the gcx project page.

A table of estimated scintillation noise levels for various apertures, integration times and airmasses.

The new version (0.2.1) of cx (renamed to gcx). Tarball of the source tree.
gcx-0.2.1.tar.gz (770K).

Camera control daemon used by gcx. Tarball of the source tree.
cpxctrl-0.2.3.tar.gz (94K).

Version 0.1.0 of the cx program (used to control the cpx3m cameras and more). Tarball of the source tree (containing also the libnut and libccd libraries). 

Rev T of the cpx3m camera (schematics and VHDL code).
cpx3m-hardware.tar.gz (485K).

Gerber files for the controller and head pcb files (rev T)
cpxcon-gerbers-revt.zip  cpx3m-gerbers-revt.zip

Mechanical drawings of the parts used to build the prototype

Update (Jan 20, 2004): I've made some fixes to cpix: the program now works with 16bpp displays, and some parallel ports that caused problems are supported. The new version of cpx (also containg new pld code) is: cpx-0.4.2.tar.gz.
Update (Oct 10, 2004): Removed the annoying 100-sec exposure time limit from cpx. The new version is: cpx-0.4.3.tar.gz.

The older TC-237-based camera (called cpix). Schematics, VHDL code, and a very simple control program.
cpix-sources.tar.gz (280K).

For the avsomat download, please follow the link from the avsomat home page, here.

Please note that all the downloads are shapshots from an evolving project, not production-grade code. They come with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.