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GCVS data:
Epoch 2000: ra = 305.306, dec = 21.572
Variability type: NC
Spectral type: A4II-F8Iab+M6IIIe

GCVS remarks:
Pre-outburst SP M4 (1958). Gradual light increase in 1977 - 79 up to 8.7m V; in 1979 A = 0.29M V, Min I = 2443943.39 + 78.12d*E [10197]. In the max of 1979 Sp F5Ia - F8-9I. In February 1980 an abrupt light decrease started; the star reached V = 13.65m by early September. By September, 1981 the star recovered from the deep Min of 500d duration. During the 1980 - 81 minimum Sp M5 with TiO bands, emissions of Halpha, NaD, [OII], FeII, rare earths. In 1982 - 84 8.35m - 8.87m V, Sp became F again. Simetimes Halpha, Hbeta emissions have been detected, often with P Cyg profiles.

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2453262 12.4 12.4

2453236 12.5 12.5

2452910 12.3 12.4

2452875 12.3 12.3

2452840 12.3 12.4

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