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GCVS data:
Epoch 2000: ra = 36.401, dec = 28.098
Variability type: EA/WD+NL
Spectral type: pec(cont+e)+M0V

GCVS remarks:
The depth of Min I 1.12m - 2.21m. D = 0.052P - 0.086P, d ~0.03P. P var? [03434, 09858, 9859]. Strong fluctuations of light outside eclipses. the lower the brightness outside the eclipse, the deeper the Min. In J, K light Min II of 0.16m J depth was found at the phase 0.50P [10053]. Flat spectrum of the accretion disc with emission lines.

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2453352 13.2 13.2

2453057 13.4 13.3

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