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GCVS data:
Epoch 2000: ra = 301.077, dec = -55.726
Variability type: NC
Spectral type: pec

GCVS remarks:
During 1889 - 1930 12m - 14m pg (according to [00625], irregular variations; according to [00017], Max = 2411490 + 384d*E, with irregularities). During 1930 - 1944 12.5m - 16.5m pg, Max = 2430145 + 386.73d*E [01649]; after 1938 an increase of mean brightness and of the amplitude was noted. An outburst from 14m to 7m in October, 1944. In Max, 6.5m - 7.5m pg, during JD2431500 - 33000; after JD2433100 began to decline its mean brightness. Near the Max of the outburst no periodic variations was noted. During JD2441426 - 44899 5.06m - 6.74m J, P = 387d [09989], M - m = 0.5P; Min (V) = 2442551 + 374.2d*E (1961 - 1981), Delta(V) = 0.25m for periodic changes [10029]; 9.8m - 10.7m B, P = 395d (JD2443500 - 45500) [10030]. In the Max of the outburst the spectrum was F5 without emissions. During the brightness decline a rich emission spectrum was formed with lines of hydrogen, forbidden lines of metals in high stages of ionization, etc. Since the 1970-ies TiO absorption bands are being noted. Radio source, soft X-ray source.

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