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GCVS data:
Epoch 2000: ra = 57.600, dec = 17.247
Variability type: EA/D/RS+X
Spectral type: K0Vea+DA

GCVS remarks:
The member of the Hyades cluster. mu alpha = + 0.117", mu delta = -0.020". EA/D/(RS + WD) + XP. d = 0.0625P. There occurs a total eclipse of the white dwarf in Min I (A = 0.04m V, 0.36m U). P var. Min I = 2440612.67083 + 0.52118321d*E (JD2440570 - 970) [06250]; Min I = 2440898.80038 + 0.52118376d*E (JD2440880 - 41360), Min I = 2441665.46153 + 0.52118329d*E (JD2441660 - 42100) [10058]; since JD2441900 - see Table. Wave-like distorsion with the amplitude from 0.05m up to 0.27m and with the period close to the orbital one is observed in the light curve outside eclipses; sometimes there are also flares. The wave is migrating on phase in the direction of phase decreasing with a migration period of 191d [10060] or ~250d [10061]. The period of white dwarf rotation derived through X-ray observations Ppuls = 554.73s [10062].

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