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GCVS data:
Epoch 2000: ra = 305.061, dec = 21.102
Variability type: E+NL
Spectral type: pec(cont+e)

GCVS remarks:
VB A (B 13.9m, 9.7", 267deg); SB2 (K1 = 320 km/s, K2 = 85 km/s). P var? The depth of eclipses varies from 0.6m to 1.3m. The mean brightness outside eclipses varies. There are also flares with amplitudes up to 3m and small light variations with a time scale of minutes, dozens of minutes and a few days. spectrum description [03593, 09472].

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Chart status: OK

Observations on this site:
2453262 11.0 11.1

2453237 9.8 9.8

2452910 10.9 11.1

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