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GCVS data:
Epoch 2000: ra = 302.984, dec = 20.335
Variability type: *
Spectral type: B4Ieq-K2Ib

GCVS remarks:
VB A (B 14.2m, 8", 100deg). The central star of the planetry nebula PK 60deg (diameter 36", the age about 6000 years). The brightness of the star steadily increased from 13.6 pg in 1894 to the maximum in 1967, and then is steadily decreasing. In 1982 it was 11.0 B. In 1967 the strong absorption lines of rare earth elements appeared in the spectrum. The spectral class steadily becomes later. The signes of new planetary nebula ejection were observed. In 1962 the star entered the instability strip in the Mv, B-V diagram and began to pulsate with a small amplitude and increasing period: Min(V) = 2442629 + 59.83d*E + 1.126d*E**2 (JD2442600 - 44530). In twenty years the period increased from 50d to 134d, the amplitude of pulsations changed from 0.2mV to 0.5mV; now it decreased again to 0.2mV, and the period is only 90d [09780].

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