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GCVS data:
Epoch 2000: ra = 327.758, dec = 12.626
Variability type: NC
Spectral type: WN6+M3III

GCVS remarks:
SB2 (Porb = 820d [09580]). Maximum of brightness was in 1870, then the very slow light decrease was observed that was superimposed since 1935 by periodical light oscillations with A = 0.4m V and P = Porb: Min = 2428250 + 827.d*E ( JD2428000-43000) [09587]. After JD2442300 the period probably has changed: Min = 2442370 + 760d*E [09587]. In 1962 - 1979 the range of brightness was 7.95m - 8.55m V; M - m = 0.50P. Light minima correspond to the epochs of inferior conjunction of M 3 III component. Spectrum var: Beq (1893 - 1919); since 1922 the spectrum is symbiotic one, the M star spectrum being more noticeable. Surrounded by a radio nebula with 1" half-power diameter.

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Observations on this site:
2453352 8.3 8.3

2453304 8.3 8.3

2452910 8.8 8.8

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