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GCVS data:
Epoch 2000: ra = 271.876, dec = 45.859
Variability type: NB+EA
Spectral type: pec(NOVA)

GCVS remarks:
VB A (B 18.17m, F, 3.5", 132deg, optical?). Nebula, R = 10.5" (Halpha, 1981). After the main Max of the Nova a deep Min 13.0m (JD2426925) and a flat secondary Max 6.7m (JD2427065) were observed. Eclipsing variability: 14.61m - 18.08m, Min HeI = 2434954.9445 + 0.193620877d*E [09280]. D = 0.20P, d = 0.000P. The light curve shape and Delta(M) var. Oscillations: Max HeI = JED2434954.785868 + 8.22521640d*10**(-4)*E - 2.8048d*10**(-16)*E**2 [08722], 0 <= Delta(m) <= 0.08m. Polarization changes with double oscilation period. Flickering: Delta(m) = 0.15m.

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Observations on this site:
2453262 14.4 14.5

2453237 15.1 14.5

2453236 14.7 14.8

2452840 14.4 14.2

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