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GCVS data:
Epoch 2000: ra = 82.356, dec = -32.818
Variability type: NL+X
Spectral type: pec(e+cont)

GCVS remarks:
2A 0526 - 328. VB A (B 15.79m, 10", 330deg). Epoch of Max of short-term photometric variations is given. The following elements describe, respectively, moments of Max Vr for Balmer lines and moments of Max for the comparatively long-term photometric variations which are due to the beat phenomenon for the photometric and spectral periods: Max Vr = 2444227.631 + 0.228600d*E; Max = 2444191.5 + 4.024d*E. Flickering up to 0.15m B and flares up to 0.3m U are also observed [08960].

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