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GCVS data:
Epoch 2000: ra = 139.775, dec = 29.066
Variability type: RRAB
Spectral type: A5

GCVS remarks:
P var. Since JD2437000 - see Table. According to [02088], Max = 2421339.380 + 0.5471932d*E + 0.57d*10**(-9)*(E - 5800)**2 + 0.028d*cos0.0215deg* (E + 2260) + f(psi, hi); here the last term is the sum of two short period oscillations and is given in graphical form, since the main period (0.547d) varies with Pi1 = 29.9d and Pi2 = 91.1d. Magnitude in Max varies from 10.7m to 11.8m, in Min from 12.3m to 12.6m.

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