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GCVS data:
Epoch 2000: ra = 110.743, dec = -25.768
Variability type: *
Spectral type: M5eIbp(C6,3)

GCVS remarks:
ADS 6033 A (B 9.2m, 0.5", 168deg; C 11.5m, 2.7", 291deg, D 11m, 2.9", 347deg, ...). H2O, OH, SiO maser. B - V: +2.3. In the region of the young open cluster NGC 2362. Embedded in a reflecting nebula. The companions may be details of the nebula; some of them are probably variable [02159, 03287]. Surrounded by an envelope of gas and dust or a disk of 0.45" (lambda = 5 mkm) angular size. Secular decrease of brightness since 1801. Cyclic variations of brightness with Delta(m) from several tenths of a magnitude to 3m on time scale from 200d to 1900d. TiO and ScO emission bands in the spectrum. Spectroscopic studies [03287, 05282, 06133].

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