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GCVS data:
Epoch 2000: ra = 115.296, dec = 76.074
Variability type: EA+DSCTC
Spectral type: A8V

GCVS remarks:
EA/SD. SB1. Min II 10.60. P var. Min = 2424434.5071 + 3.3054975d*E + 0.1215d* sin (0.0543deg*E + 186.8deg) (JD2411400 - 33300) [00978]; Min = 2437375.4923 + 3.3055069d*E + 5.3d*10**(-8)*E**2 (JD2437375 - 41000) [07166]; since JD2440000 - see Table. The primary component is a DSCTC variable [07166] with A <= 0.05m B. According to [04192], the pulsational period is possibly synchronized with the orbital motion and remains practically constant (0.066458d) during a long time interval.

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