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GCVS data:
Epoch 2000: ra = 62.161, dec = 53.361
Variability type: RCB:
Spectral type: G1I(C0-2,0)

GCVS remarks:
During 1898 - 1980 a single symmetric Min JD2429632 was observed which lasted for 94d. Brightness fluctuations up to 0.2m during several dozens of minutes [04271]. Hydrogen deficiency and carbon excess in the spectrum. Some authors express doubt about the star's being an RCB variable; in particular, they note the lack of IR excess [05423, 05430].

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Observations on this site:
2453072 7.4 7.4

2453057 7.4 7.5

2453045 7.4 7.3

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