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GCVS data:
Epoch 2000: ra = 310.038, dec = -0.871
Variability type: XP
Spectral type: K2Ve+pec(e+cont)

GCVS remarks:
Unusual flare X-ray system with pulsar. Becomes bluer in Max. In Min B - V = +0.92. Shows rapid irregular variations, which differ it from UV stars and UG system, though the spectra are somewhat similar. Simultaneous photoelectric and spectroscopic observations [03131] show the existence of two types of flares: 1) intensification of emission lines accompanied by brightening in U and B; 2) intensification of continuum leading to brightening in U, B and V ("white flare"). Detailed spectroscopic investigation [01971]. Porb = 0.41165794d + 1.12*10**(-10)*E, The epoch T0 = JD2439030.621 [08672]. In the X-ray band (0.1 - 4.0 keV) pulsations with P = 33.0767s are observed [08673]. In the optical range pulsations with P0 = 33.076737s as well as with P1 = 16.5s were noted [08674, 08675].

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