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GCVS data:
Epoch 2000: ra = 5.930, dec = 29.401
Variability type: RRAB
Spectral type: A7III-F8III

GCVS remarks:
[Fe/H] = +0.16. P var. Nonlinear term: -1.229d*10**(-10)*E**2 [01959]. Since 1959 Max = 2436466.828 + 0.442270121d*E [06929]. The shape of the light curve varies with Pi ~36.83d = 83.28 P. The deviations (O - C) satisfy the elements of Blazhko effect Max(O - C) = 2436816.23 + 36.921d*N. Secular trend and cyclic (P ~2a) variations of (O - C) are possible [08005].

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Chart status: OK

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2453352 9.9 9.8

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