Nearly-full moon 1 (image taken with the cpx3m camera and the 12'' at f/10)

Nearly-full moon 2 (image taken with the cpx3m camera and the 12'' at f/10)


Tri-color image of Jupiter taken with my first ccd camera (that used a TC237 chip) and the 12'' at f/10.
Each layer (RGB) is a stack of ~20 selected images. Image selection and stacking was done using the excellent Iris software (too bad there isn't a Linux version).


While certainly not impressive by today's standards, this image of Saturn is a testimony to the power of image processing on a low-noise image. On the original 8 frames used to obtain this, the only detectable detail was a slight dimming of the disc near the Cassini division. Practically all the detail in the image comes from unsharp masking. Taken with the 12'' at f/10 on a day with mediocre seeing.

jupiter with ganymede shadow

This image of jupiter with the shadow of Ganymede (visible in the top-right corner) was taken on May 03, 2003. Good 2-seconds exposures were selected and stacked using Iris, then unsharp-masked in The Gimp.