Pictures of the cpx3m camera

Overall view of the camera head. Note the cooling fan and heat sink (a cpu cooler in fact), the filter drawer and Nikon lens mount.


View from the front of the camera; the shutter is closed here.

View from the front with the shutter open; note the two sensors. The tracking sensor is partially vignetted  by the shutter in this configuration, but there is some room to adjust the shutter position to avoid this.

The back of the camera head; The flat cable can be up to 3m in length, and is very flexible.

The inside of the control box;

The inside of the camera head. Note the sensors mounted on a separate pcb, the temperature sensor on the cold finger beneath the sensors and the copious amount of changes on the prototype - a pcb revision is definitely needed ;-).

Finally, this is how the pcb of the head looks like before assembly.

All pictures by the author.